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These can be recharged

Received these great hearing aids as promised in the advertisement. This is an excellent and rechargeable device. Thanks a lot, now I can turn down the TV sound and no longer annoy my wife. - Deneen S.

Love what you hear and hear what you love

Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the EasyCharge2 rechargeable from EarCentric.

  • Full day of hearing with one simple charge
  • Easy handling, no more hassles of disposable batteries
  • Built-in rechargeable power. Saving $200/year per ear on batteries
  • Charges just like a smartphone

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Based on 223 Reviews
These aids survived even after getting wet Review by Jacinto Olevia

Unfortunately, I got them wet suring my shower. Slipped them into a hearing aid dryer made by perfectly dry lux and after the 20 minute cycle the aids worked as great as new ones. Thank god. With the four hearing channels and ten volume control settings this device is far better than the ones I tried which were thrice its price. Their service is also fantabulous.

Great aids Review by Tandy Nagura

I have 30% loss in one ear and 50% in another. The doctor told me to go for hearing aids that would have cost me around 4000$ per piece. So I thought I would opt for the cheaper ones until I am able to save 8000 for 2 hearing aids. And guess what? I don't think I will need to save 8000 for aids now. The cheaper ones I got from Earcentric are amazing. They fulfill the job and help me listen. They are as good as the ones that my doctor asked me to buy. I am so happy that I can finally enjoy...

Smart company and the hearing aids too Review by Mara Klitz

I wanted to gain some experience of the device before I could actually recommend or make any comment on the product. Now that I have used the product, I can claim with no doubts that it meets all my needs. I am very satisfied with the company. They offer excellent after sale services. They kept a follow-up and called me the day after I had received my device regarding the confirmation and queries. Also, to my surprise, I received the product two days prior to the expected day of delivery....

These are the best hearing aids Review by Ngoc Watton

These aids are far better than my first hearing aids in terms of sound quality, the comfort, and the volume control feature. Everything is perfect! I strongly recommend these earcentric four channeled hearing aids. Earcentric hearing aids has saved my husbands life as who knows if I keep on shouting at him what would have happen.

Its way comfortable - amazing Review by Edra Carolan

I was very sad as I couldn't hear my grand children clearly. Before purchasing this one, I have tried the hearing aids that fit in the ears but I faced many problems. Amazing yet comfortable product.

I am a satisfied customer Review by Dawna Smead

The aids are great. Comfy, tiny, smart, amazing fit with four channel options. Medininja provides amazinng customer service along with the smart product. If you are looking for an hearing aids don't think twice purchasing this. My hearing has been enhanced manyfold. I am glad I purchased these online. You just need to be little patient in exploring this device - choosing the right program and volumes for yourself. You will become perfet in how to use them efficiently with time. At last, a big...

Amazing aids so far Review by Jae Gilland

My wife forced me to check my hearing and purchase hearing aids. I have been resisting for longer than I thought to order the earcentric hearing aids online based on its reviews. The aids were shipped so fast to my present work location out of state where my house is. This allowed me to try the aids in my noisy work environment and in absence of my wife telling me "I told you to buy these". I must say that she was right as these aids work great. I can attend my meetings so clearly...

These aids seems to help me a lot Review by Billye Stroik

These aids seems to help me a lot. Earcentrics helps a lot in my day today life and I don't even notice their presence sometimes. Many times I go to sleep and realize that the aids are in my ears. But there is this one room at work that has an occupancy monitor (ultrasonic), when I pass through i, the device makes rather loud clicks. There is also one more room with the same outcome. If I have to go in these two rooms for any length of time, I have to remove my device. These kind of...

These hearing device is the perfect solution Review by An Bria

My wife has purchased these for me on Christmas and I started hearing clearly again. After knowing that I had 49% hearing loss from my ear specialist, I was so depressed. Hearing aids are so expensive and are not even insured. Earcentric hearing aids are the right solution to hearing loss. I have been missing so many beautiful sounds. I got emotional the first time I wore them. Thank you so much Medininja for making such product. You guys are lifesavers.

Perfect device I have came across Review by Leoma Ambrose

he earcentric hearing aids is the best purchase I have made this year. These aids work perfectly fine with no problem at all. They work perfect in all modes specially at 10 level volume control and the four hearing channels works perfect too. These are superb and really helps me in my daily chores. Batteries lasts at least for a week. And at last, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a pair. Spent some and get a perfect earcentric hearing aid.

Earcentric Medininja Hearing aids Review by Edgardo Iams

Its been 2 weeks, I am using these aids. Over and above, these are far better than my old hearing aids from other company, especially in noisy environments and restaurants. In truly noisy environments, these don't work well but the same thing goes with expensive hearing aids too. I will surely buy one for my second ear too for an extra advantage. My only concern is that the replacement hearing tubes which is needed to be replaced after every 4-5 months are bit expensive that is $13 each.

Amazing hearing aids! I am happy now. Review by Shelly Gloria

With such amazing reviews for these alternate electric hearing aids, I decided to give it a whirl rather than spend money on the high premium aids. I have to admit to being a skeptic but I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be great. It comes with explained instructions that are very clear. I played with the different options available with the device and decided that the closed dome fit me better. The tube was already pretty perfect. While it may seem too good to be true, I did...

This is one of my best purchase Review by Virgilio Lanora

I had hearing loss and wanted to purchase a pair from a long time but the price was resisting me. The amazing reviews of earcentric hearing aids, the reasonable price as compared to other branded hearing aids and their return policy insisted me to purchase these aids. The another benefit of these hearing aids is that I could buy the tubes as per my requirement. I finally decided to purchase one hearing aid. I am so glad. I have been using these since I have received it, its so comfortable....

Earcentric hearring aids Review by Luciana Balentine

The hearing aids are working great as of now. Yes, it might take a couple of days to get used to the size of the aids behind the ear. She took a while to adjust the hearing aids as per her hearing and now that she understood, she is enjoying her aids. Her hearing has improved a lot using these hearing aids and now she is planning to take the hearing aids for her left ear. Thank you!

Outstanding hearing aids and good customer service Review by Verena Braukus

I bought these for my father. They arrived in just 2 days and came with a very user-friendly manual which helped me configure and put them to use quickly. The company also included a quick access link to a video which explained how to put the device to use. I watched it with my dad just to make sure that he can use them in my absence too. He used it for a few days and he was happy with them but a couple of days later he accidentally dropped them on the ground. Sadly, the device ceased to...

This is the one which I needed Review by Jerold Clocke

I am very happy with the earcentric hearing aids of Medininja. I have also tried two more different companies hearing aids but unfortunately I sent them back. This earcentric one fits perfectly in my ear without any ache. One of the major issue with the last hearing aids was I couldn't wear my glasses along with the hearing aids. This earcentric one is so small than I can wear both glasses and aids together. Most importantly, it allows us to adjust the volume as per the condition. Great!

Earcentric emailed and called me few days back Review by Alfred Flora

Earcentric emailed and called me few days back to help me how to set up the device and everything about their device. I ordered these for my uncle but from my viewpoint also it is an amazing comfortable device. The device comes with so many extra parts.

Great product at this cost Review by Gerald Rosu

Its been a couple of weeks only I am using them. But I am glad I did this purchase. I did a lot of research online and I am so happy I found the earcentric hearing aids there. I will surely share the detailed post once I had them longer.

Great product thou Review by Moses Chadd

I am happy with my purchase. The instruction manual is so clear and I have easily set up my aids using that. So far, I don't have any problem with the setup now. I am shocked that I could hear so many things now from TV at normal volume to birds chirpping. Its been a good time now I am using these hearing aids. Unfortunately, it doesn't work tinnitus, it doesn't help with that. Tinnitus is within the brain, it is not in the ear itself and sadly there is no cure for that. I am overall happy...

Amazing product and amazing team of medininja Review by Heath Lea

Amazing product and amazing team of Medininja. The Medininja customer support team is amazing to deal with. I have also received an extra tube so that I could try the aids in my right ear too, although I have ordered for the left ear. I liked the earcentric hearing aids a lot.

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