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Hearing Aids 45 Days Risk Free Guarantee

At MediNinja Canada, our top priority is your satisfaction. We want much more than to be a supplier of hearing aids. Instead, we envision ourselves as being a life-long advocate for your hearing and overall wellbeing.

You can receive a full refund if you are less than satisfied with your hearing aids by returning them within 45 days of the purchase date.

MediNinja strongly requires a minimum trial period of 21 days. Based on clinical studies, our brain needs time to adjust to new hearing aids. Our brain needs to cope up with new amplified sound produced by the new hearing aids. Therefore, return requests prior to 21 days from the invoice date will incur additional 10% early return fee.

Getting to know your hearing aids takes time and patience. You need to adjust the positioning, orientation and choice of domes/sleeves to filter and eliminate unwanted sounds. In time, as your brain adjust to the new sound produced you will feel comfortable and get used with the amplified sounds.

Hearing aids are designed to improve your hearing condition. To understand sounds better and adjust to your hearing devices is a process.

It's been a long time you haven't heard those normal sounds and by using new hearing aids, it may sound strange and unfamiliar. But by using your new hearing aids each day, it will adjust and you will be comfortable with it. Just give it some and you will get used to it!

If the product(s) are in good condition when returned and a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is included, we will issue your refund within 10 business days.

Our troubleshooting knowledgebase or customer service people can assist you if your hearing aid(s) doesn't seem to be working properly.

Technical support is available to you from our service professionals 24/7.

Note – Get an RMA number from us before returning your hearing aid(s). The RMA should be easily visible on the return package. The return and refund process goes much faster with the RMA. Just follow these steps:

  1. Begin your return: To obtain an RMA, just visit our Online Returns Center and fill out the return form.
  2. Ready your return: Pack your hearing aid(s) securely after obtaining your RMA, and be certain to include any paperwork from when you requested your return on the Online Returns Center. Include packing bubbles or newspaper for padding and a sturdy box, in lieu of the original product packaging. Be sure to attach your return label to the package.
  3. Ship your return: The online return form includes the address to which your package should be shipped. Please obtain a tracking number to guarantee timely delivery. Items lost or damaged in transit are not our responsibility, and we cannot accept damaged items for a return. We also do not take COD; packages must be prepaid. The date of purchase begins the 45-day trial period, so be sure to make returns within the 45-day timeframe.
Returns made after the 45-day trial period cannot be honored. Only hearing aids are covered by the return policy. Return shipping expenses are not covered or reimbursed by us. A 20% restocking fee will likely be charged to products returned without a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. All returned items after the trial period may incur recovery fee.

Hearing aids must be in new condition. In addition to the hearing aid(s), you should include all accessories and manufacturer documentation inside the original packaging (manufacturer's box, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.). If the serial number has been changed or the device has been changed or damaged, the 45-day return policy is void. Additionally, if repairs have been made without our consent, the 45-day trial and warranty are voided.


Defects in materials or workmanship in our hearing aids are covered by a comprehensive one-year warranty. If your hearing aid(s) don't work satisfactorily because of defective parts, materials or workmanship, we offer repairs at no charge or replacement. When comparing prices with other companies, you should keep in mind our generous warranty.

Items like batteries, ear domes, ear tubes, wax guards or products with a best-before-date (i.e. perishable or items subject to wear and tear) are not included in the warranty.

Please file your warranty claim through our Online Returns Center if your hearing aid(s) or device(s) stop working and you feel you need a warranty repair/replacement. It's out of the Online Returns Center that our professionals can assist you.

Contacting us can garner you a 15% discount on your next pair should you lose or damage your hearing aid(s) within the first 365 days.

If you need help, please touch base with us at any time.

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